Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Lineage

From the Ishizu family, the brother and the father… and their gifts of training with linear kicks in the form of Katas. Their introduction to the live hand specifics of Jun Fan the use of the various training aids to help hand speed and back-fist

To Tachan and Santos… the way of Kali. Practices with hardwood garrotes. They gave us strikes to the low lines, different numbering systems and ground techniques.

Juan Santos… Introduced a Siliwesi Kali structure with the use of Kicks for deflecting and jamming. Also the use of Doble Dagas.

Manuel Sison… Introduced Manangkaban Silat with open hand grabbing, rending, and tearing, and later introduced Tjikalong Silat for the hands, but Tjimande kicks with stamps, with an emphasis on multiple attackers

Kalev Ongrung… Introduced Kumango Silat-emphasizing the use of thigh slapping for distraction-feints and the utilization of the elbows and knees for countering knees and kicks.

Anthony Blas… gave us the hand phases of JKD-the use of the open hands for heavy and powerful striking-Inside crescents combined with powerful linear kicks and Jumping kicks for power not exhibition.  

Kalani Tabura… Introduced the Villabrille Kali system and the art of Lima 1976 Lama, this great teacher was the cousin of Benny Largusa and learned from the Uncles and Grand Master Floro Villabrille. Footwork and the use of the blades, open hands and entries into grappling 

 Sifu Christiansen …Introduced the Numbering system of Doce Pares and the counters of Modern Arnis. 

Sam Buot… Introduced the art of Balintewak and numbering system, disarms, and the strong stroking philosophy.